What's Inside

The fun part of receiving your monthly catch, is figuring out what’s inside. While we are a surprise box company, there are some ways of telling what you can expect.

  • A typical bargain catch will contain anywhere from 1-3 items and is valued at up to $200 ($50 cost to you).

  • Expect to see anything from store-line, private & contemporary labels seen in major department stores & specialty stores worldwide. 



  • The posh catch is guaranteed to include MORE items and is valued at up to $1000 ($250 cost to you).

  • Brands included in posh are guaranteed to be contemporary, premium and possibly designer labels seen across major department stores, specialty stores & boutiques worldwide.
There are a few ways in which we can ensure that you love what you receive. Every month will have a new theme, communicated via social media and our newsletters. For example, our September month’s theme is Denim Darlings, which will get you into fall of 2017 in style. Themes are presented the beginning of every month, for every next month, allowing you the choice to stay on board or skip if its not a theme that interests you prior to the 16th. Another way we can ensure your excitement is our questionnaire, which asks you to choose your main style personality. While you may overlap with one other, we advise that sticking to one specific personality that targets the majority of styles you love, celebrities who wear them, stores you shop in, and more!
***To order either box, click subscribe from main page, take quiz, choose bargain or posh and complete checkout. Email us if you'd like to switch to a different monthly box***