All your most requested questions are answered below.
Read more about the ins and outs of the Designer Catch of the Month

What is Luxe Catch?
    Luxe Catch is a monthly subscription box feeding you what you crave: designer branded goodies (clothing, accessories, jewelry, footwear, and more) at 50-90% off of retail prices. Why wait for birthday presents when you can receive a "catch of the month" every month?
            How does it work?
              Get a month-to-month subscription of designer product, semi-personalized to your likes, for a flat-rate (no hidden extra fees) and at up to 90% off. Who doesn't like birthday presents? Each box ships within the first two weeks of every month.
              Are the boxes personalized to my "likes"?
                The boxes are semi-personalized by choosing a style personality from our 6 main choices. We provide a multitude of examples for each type so you can make the best overall choice for YOU. We guarantee to always send items for your personality that are always branded & discounted.
                How are the boxes priced?
                  We currently offer two types of Luxe Catch boxes:
                  1) Bargain box = $50/mo and has a value of up to $200. 
                  2) Posh box = $250/mo and has a value of up to $1000.

                  The Posh guarantees contemporary brands or higher, more items and larger value.

                  Note: There is an additional cost for shipping and tax based on your location (we are in NYC and therefore are required by law to charge tax to anyone in NYC area).
                  What kind of brands or designers should I expect to receive?
                    Every box we send will vary with its inclusions. But as a word of thumb, we work with all major brands found in department stores and specialty stores worldwide. So...anything thats popular in stores, on Facebook, Instagram and on the street is in a possible box. You may at times receive brands you know and love, but sometimes LUXE CATCH can also be a discovery box of "like" brands, still stylish, discounted and ready to be loved.
                    What is the refund policy?
                      Unfortunately, due to the nature of our business we do not accept returns or refunds. All items included in our boxes are carefully curated and priced with the greatest value in mind.
                              Do you ship internationally?
                                Yes we do ship internationally to over 200 destinations.
                                I ordered my box! When will it ship? When does it renew?
                                  If you placed a new order between 1-31 of the month, it ships within the first two weeks of the following month. Example: If you order July 5th, expect your order to ship first two weeks of August. LUXE CATCH boxes renew every 15th of the month for existing orders.
                                  Is Luxe Catch for Men or Women?
                                    At the moment, our boxes are all curated for women. We do have a men's box launching in the near future. Subscribe to our emails and stay tuned to hearing more...