About Us

Our Founder was just like you, shopping away and buying all the most-wanted things on her list. Her biggest thrill was finding amazing deals on branded merchandise, when shopping for herself or during her work as a fashion buyer for many stores online and internationally. The deals became exciting for her..........and that's how she decided she wanted to share them all with you.

Luxe Catch is a surprise, themed and curated box of store-line, designer and contemporary branded items of highly desired fashions; all for one price, $50 monthly - valued at up to $200, or $250 monthly - valued at up to $1000. The brands you might expect to see depend on the value of the box purchased. But we work with all popular designers sold in major department stores today. You can get a better idea by completing our quiz!



Approximately 100 billion garments are made every year worldwide and 92 million tons of that become a total waste. The impact of overproduction has been known for years but it will take decades for manufacturers to reestimate their production figures in order to reduce our waste problem completely. And even once it has been reduced, there will still be a significant amount of inventory leftover, increasing landfill and pollution.

In an effort to help our planet, every year we promise to purchase a percentage of unsold global excess inventory for redistribution into welcoming closets worldwide. We promise to reduce, reuse, recycle and be open to the opportunity of upcycling when necessary.