About Us

Our Founder was just like you, shopping away and buying all the most-wanted things on her list. Her biggest thrill was finding amazing deals on branded merchandise, when shopping for herself or during her work as a fashion buyer for many stores online and internationally. The deals became exciting for her..........and that's how she decided she wanted to share them all with you.
Luxe Catch is a surprise, themed and semi-personalized box of store-line, designer and contemporary branded items of highly desired fashions; all for one price, $50 monthly - valued at up to $200, or $250 monthly - valued at up to $1000. Some brands you might expect to see are: Ralph Lauren, Kate Spade, Coach, YSL, True Religion, Elie Tahari, Tory Burch, and more (basically any popular designer sold in major department stores today, can be featured in your future catch).