The Right Denim For Your Zodiac Sign

The Right Denim For Your Zodiac Sign
The Right Denim For Your Zodiac Sign


Adventurous, passionate, and confident. Aries are willing to think outside the box with their fashion so Aries is the perfect sign to try and rock a high fashion denim jumpsuit.


Patient, warm, kind, grounded. Taurus girls are just like your favorite pair of boyfriend jeans. Way too comfy to ever let go, Taurus is relaxed fit jeans.


Sociable, witty, adaptable, Gemini’s are hip without trying too hard and they need a denim that goes with everything. So what else for the twins but an effortless and versatile skinny jean?


An empathetic sign, Cancers are emotional, intuitive, sentimental souls. The sweet Cancer sign looks lovely in a simple denim dress.


The warm, enthusiastic Leo always belongs on a beach, so bask in the rays of the sun with jean shorts and a flowy top.


Shy, quiet, and modest the Virgo sign calls for something simple yet chic. The high waisted baggy pants of the 90s are making a comeback and those mom jeans have Virgo written all over them.


Sociable libras can turn up the charm, so the perfect denim for this sign is none other than a pair of charming denim cigarette pants for that vintage va-va-voom feel.


This passionate, emotional, intense star sign has one clear denim soul-mate: a studded denim vest. Punk never dies.


Cheerful sagittarius women can’t help but let their happiness shine through. And what’s happier than a romper? A good pair of denim shortalls will make any Sagittarius squeal with glee.


Down to earth and prudent, Capricorn’s like their fashions classic. So for these sensible women, the original blue collar: a denim shirt.


Loyal to the end, Aquarius are honest, true, and a little bit quirky. So for them the equally loyal overalls.


Artistic, creative, and full of flair, Pisces will love the beautiful and creative embroidered options denim comes in. Pro-tip: check out Etsy for some artistic iron-on choices.

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