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The Only BS I Need Is Bags & Shoes

The Only BS I Need Is Bags & Shoes
The Only BS I Need Is Bags & Shoes

As a woman, I can tell you that my closet is always more fabulous with extra accessories. Whether it be belts, jewelry, bags or shoes, its clear that accessories are sometimes what MAKE the outfit stand out on a greater scale. With that being said, it confuses me when I hear women arguing about whether to buy the top or the jeans. Those are two entirely different clothing items that won’t make or break anything. In fact, we all have a wide array of tops & jeans (most). So, head on over to your nearest accessory aisle. Try on those studded platforms you’ve been eyeing the entire season & pair them with that gorgeous lambskin backpack.

Remember that there’s lots of BS in this world, and the only kind that makes sense is spelled bags & shoes :-)

In the comments, tell us your favorite bag & shoe combo!

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