Please DO Wear White After LDW

Please DO Wear White After LDW
Please DO Wear White After LDW

Not wearing white after Labor Day is an out of date concept dating back to the 19th century. Back in a time where the rules of fashion were used to separate high-society people (those with enough wealth to have a white summer resort wear wardrobe as well as a darker hued winter clothing) from the lower classes.


Sound like ancient history right?  It should!


We’re 21st century women who use whatever we have in our closets to make fashionable outfits year round without limitations like sorting colors into seasons. White is a classic solid base color and should be used to the fullest to highlight your natural beauty as well as the perfect contrast to bold and busy separates. Here are a bunch of ways to proudly wear white as we head into the colder park of the year. Happy styling!



Embrace whites for fall. Don’t pack away your white skinny pants from the summer months. Use them to build your outfit with unmistakably warmer pieces like a sweater and scarf in other creamy shades. Think tres leches! To add more seasonable flare, over-the-knee boots in a wintery material like leather or suede are always a great option.



Another way to use your white skinny pants in the fall/winter is to layer on some beautiful grays to frame them. Try a chunky grey turtleneck sweater and a long trench style jacket. And of course you’ll need grey booties. Adding grey makes the white really pop but in a way that is seasonally relevant!



White pairs perfectly with fall staples like denim so pair your favorite denim button up top with white pants and add outerwear and accessories in shades of autumn neutrals like browns, deep greens, and burgundy.



Just as in summer, white is a great base to add interesting pops of color or pattern. With a neutral outfit of white pants and a black long sleeve top you can be playful with accessories like leopard print flats or a bag with a colorful scarf tie.



Another print that works great in the fall with white pants is camouflage. Around this time of year you’ll see many outerwear options in camo and when you do, your white pants should immediately come to mind. This will create a balanced, stylish look that you can add to with darker neutral accessories like brown leather boots.

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