#MothersDay2018 = Celebrity Style Edition

#MothersDay2018 = Celebrity Style Edition
#MothersDay2018 = Celebrity Style Edition

It's funny how fast time flies. Didn't we just celebrate NYE?! Now the weather's getting warmer (hopefully sooner) and Mother's Day is right around the corner. To start off this holiday with a bang, let's take a trip down celebrity lane to recall some of the best (...and by best, we mean incredibly stylish) celebrity mom's & their daughters. 


Goldie Hawn & Kate Hudson

Like mother, like daughter, a smile from ear to ear in almost every photo (some goofy & silly ones), Goldie Hawn & Kate Hudson are a true mom/daughter dynamic pair who's style never goes unnoticed. From ravishing details, low necklines, jewel toned hues, we can certainly tell Goldie played a great role in Kate's development of style.


Reese Witherspoon & Ava Phillipe

Can we tell which one is which? Probably only with a closeup, and even then we beg to wonder. But one thing is clear: these two are truly experimental in their choice of wear with various prints, necklines, textures and such. If they took our quiz, they'd probably fall into the creative gal category, the lively gal inspired by life :)


Kris & the Jenners

When "wow" just doesn't cut it, we look for other adjectives to describe this trio of fashionistas. Their purpose is simple: dramatic daring styles that empower the wearer and watcher both. Wouldn't you agree?


Victoria Beckham & Harper Beckham

Here comes Victoria. She's never too much or too little. She's always perfectly polished in grace and style. Harper might be too small to know her own style, yet her Mum will help inspire the little mini on the fundamentals of being super classy & not too sassy.  


Demi Moore & Rumer Willis

We love watching celebrities' children all grown up and making their own footprints on showbiz. But mostly we like seeing their evolution in style. And having a bad-ass mom as inspiration helps too (plus, a mom who knows when to tone it down).


Yolanda Foster & the Hadid Girls

Which one of them is older, again? These three will never disappoint. Mama bear passed over the model crown to next in line. Aren't they just ravishing?


Well, we hope you enjoyed our favorite celebrity mom's and their daughters style-files. And we hope you know, we could go on and on. Most of all, we wish to see your mom & daughter pix. Post a photo in the comments of you & your mom/daughter and tell us how she shaped your style.

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