LUXE CATCH Goes to Greece

LUXE CATCH Goes to Greece
LUXE CATCH Goes to Greece

Summer time, when flowers bloom, drinks get colder, nights get longer, skin gets darker - everything gets better! Plus, the extra added vitamin D makes us want to be outside more and more and increases the excitement of traveling :-)

Our team recently went to Greece for a business and pleasure trip. So we wanted to share what we loved about this fascinating place...

1. The Shores, Islands, and Beaches

Greece has a coastline that stretches about 13,676 kilometers, and there are around 1,400 islands, of which 220 are inhabited. The coastal regions offer many small paradise beaches with crystal clear water and fine sand or shingle. There are plenty of remote beaches without tourists, and there are just as many that are developed with sunbeds, umbrellas, and other facilities. In short, there’s a beach for everyone in Greece, no matter what you like.


2. The White & Blue Houses

Cozy and charming are just some of the words that fit to describe Greece. What makes it even more appealing is all of the idyllic white and blue houses. These can be found all over Greece and are yet another reason to love Greece!


3. The Ancient Heritage

Ancient Greece has participated and shaped the world as we know it, so there’s no surprise that the country is full of historic places. Here you will find everything from ancient temples and theaters to squares, fortresses and much more. Almost everywhere you go in Greece; there are ancient ruins to explore.

4. Luxury Atop Cliffs

If you like to spoil yourself once and a while, you will bask in the goodness of Santorini where suites are havens filled with private plunge pools, jacuzzis and everything you ever wanted.

5. The Food

Where do you even begin? Feta cheese, Tzatziki, Souvlaki, Saganaki, Gyros, calamari, Kleftiko, moussaka, Greek salad, Dolmades .. Yes, the list could be much longer than that, so one thing is for sure, Greece is a real food paradise. The fact that it is also cheap to eat out does not exactly make matters worse.

Few kitchens in the world get me cravings as much as the Greek cuisine! A meal at a real local Greek restaurant with traditional recipes is undoubtedly one of the best in the world.

6. Breathtaking Sunsets Galore

In Santorini, every picture is priceless. You almost feel as if you were photoshopped into a postcard.


7. Philosophy and Theater was born here

While Philosophy came earlier than the birth of these three famous philosophers, they had an incredibly sound affect on philosophy as a whole: Socrates, Plato and Aristotle all lived in Athens for most of their lives.


8. For the best PHOTOSHOOTS :-)

With #viewsonviews hashtag, its clear Greece has the best ones. That is why our latest photoshoot was taken there. How sweet it is!


Where are you off to on your summer vacay? Tell us in the comments!!

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