Luxe Catch Basics: How to Choose the Right Style Personality

Luxe Catch Basics: How to Choose the Right Style Personality
Luxe Catch Basics: How to Choose the Right Style Personality

Shopping: some of us love it, and some of us hate it. It's never easy to know what you need or whether what you want is something you can pair well with an existing wardrobe. A common question we get from fellow catchers is regarding style personalities - "how do I know its right?!" The good news is, we're here to give you the details on how to make LUXE CATCH work for you:


Things to know about style personalities:

1) 6 total

2) some are very different, and some only slightly

3) at times, they can overlap


With that being said, when choosing your style personality be sure to:

1) read each personality thoroughly one time
Note: at this point you should know for sure, which you are definitely NOT. Make a mental note of this.

2) you should be clear which 1-2 truly represent you in most aspects. Pay attention more to things like colors, accessories, celebrities representing those styles, etc. Make a note of this.

3) it is possible to be more than one style personality in life, since with everyday we vary in our desires. However, in the quiz you can only be one. At this point, please choose the ONE that mainly resonates with you. Make a note of this.

4) have you ever felt like you wanted to change your style? If this is you, please look through the quiz and figure out which one of these you'd like to be. Make note of this.

5) at this point, you should have ONE or TWO style personalities: the one that you are, and the one you want to be.

6) now here, decide what is more important for you: to be the one you are now, or the one you wish to be :-)

7) if anything, you can always email us and we will gladly change your style personality to ensure smooth sailing for all future LUXE CATCH boxes.


Figuring out your style personality is also helpful for your future purchases. Have more questions?! Great. Please post your comments below or email us at

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