When the Deal Doesn’t Fit

When the Deal Doesn’t Fit
When the Deal Doesn’t Fit

This usually happens when you’re in a hurry: coffee in hand, running to your next meeting you spot a gorgeous Kelly green pleated shift dress in a nearby store window. With no time to spare, you run in like a mad woman grabbing your size and notice its final sale. The time is clicking away, tic, toc, tic, toc. “I’m taking this” you tell the cashier as you hand her your credit card. All you can think about is this dress the whole day but when you get home disaster strikes as you realize: IT DOESN’T FIT…


Now what? You think. I grabbed this dress in a fit of wild panic thinking “we were meant to be.” That’s how it always happens. But it doesn't fit, so now it'll get buried amongst the rest of the wannabes of my closet, right?


We’ve all had this happen more than a few times. No one wants clothes that don’t fit. There are some ways to ensure the fit works.


  1. Try adding an accessory such as a belt. On a shift dress, its most likely loose than tight and sometimes the best addition is a skinny belt to tie it all in.

  2. Wear a large bib necklace - often times jewelry can take attention away from the flaws.

    …and the best is:
  3. Get it fitted!!! Whether too big or too small, a professional seamstress can help hide the areas you’re unsure of making your item wearable & lovable!

    Especially when you’re scoring a deal like $50 for a dress worth over $200, but spending an extra $15 to get the dress altered, can change your entire perspective. In fact, altering the dress can make it unique to YOU, making it a one-of-a-kind piece for you to enjoy forever.

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