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How To Dress Up Your Denim: Fall 2017

How To Dress Up Your Denim: Fall 2017

How To Dress Up Your Denim: Fall 2017

So, we take it you received your September: Denim Darlings edition? You must be thinking of all the options: when, where, how? Keep reading if you want to nail down these trends.


1. Ultimate Flare
This 70s trend is sure to spruce up your outfit

  • Big flowing top or loose sweater
  • Add a choker
  • Pointed heels
  • Biker leather jacket


2. Cuffed Crop

  • Chambray button down top
  • Bib necklace under collar
  • Vintage belt
  • Caged booties

3. Patchwork Cutoff

  • Plain white tee or striped top
  • Sneaker flats or modest heels
  • Peacoat in a pop of color: yellow or red
  • Denim accessories

4. Pleather Skinnies

  • Sleek black crewneck top
  • Metallic pumps
  • Loose lab coat or blazer
  • Wraparound bracelets

5. White Distressed Cutoffs

  • Striped navy crewneck long sleeve
  • Natural colored flats
  • Blue denim jacket
  • Gray or green accessories (bag, etc)

And for any of these be sure to add a touch of:

  • velvet
  • red
  • vintage fur
  • silver footwear/accessories
  • plaid
  • retro hats: brimmed caps & bucket hats
  • couch florals
  • wide belts
  • belted coats


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