How To ROCK Your Fall 2018 Wardrobe (BONUS: Tips for All Personalities)

How To ROCK Your Fall 2018 Wardrobe (BONUS: Tips for All Personalities)
How To ROCK Your Fall 2018 Wardrobe (BONUS: Tips for All Personalities)


It’s that time of year again! Can you smell the crisp fall air and pumpkin spice lattes curling through the breeze? We’re starting to see those classic fall styles come out: look one way, suede knee high boots, the other, a sherpa lined vest. In addition to the classics, we know you like to stay up to date with the latest style trends. Here are a few looks that have caught our eye lately! We’ve even got tips for each of our Luxe Catch style personalities, so no excuses—get styling!



  1. Fall Florals: 

    The florals we’re drawn to around this time of year are 100 percent different than those appropriate for spring. We know…groundbreaking. We’re looking for earthy tones and warmer fabrics that highlight the beauty of fall foliage in fun-to-wear floral looks.

    A) Classic: Look for florals in shades of brown and black and keep your silhouette simple and clean. Ankle boots add a perfect subtle accent to a classy fall look.

    B) Trend-setter: You’re not afraid to test the limits so we encourage you to experiment with mixing two different floral prints, one for your top and one for the bottom. Tie it together with coordinating shoes, belt and hat or bag.

    C) Dramatic: You’re daring and don’t hesitate to show off what you’ve got. Look for bold cut-outs (before it’s too cold!) and heels in that floral velvet everyone is loving right now!

    D) Natural: Since you like to keep it casual you can look for your florals in subtle touches like embroidered jeans or a graphic tee.

    E) Romantic: Florals are your thing—we know! Now’s your chance to own it with a beautiful fall dress with floral patterns in reds, pinks, oranges and other fall tones. You can also wear dainty floral accessories like neck scarfs or headbands.

    F) Creative (featured image): We know you like to mix it up so don’t hold back. Try a full-length floral maxi with leather accessories.


  1. One-shoulder long sleeves:_

    Autumn is a transitional season, am I right? It’s that time when you put on a sweater in the morning and regret it by the afternoon. How better to exemplify the changing of the weather than one ruffled long sleeve and one bare arm?

A) Classic: This is a good trend to keep simple and sleek so look for your one shoulder top in black. We’re loving the one shoulder turtleneck combo right now!

B) Trend-setter: We’re seeing it on celebs everywhere—the one shoulder jumpsuit with a wild print. We know you can own it so show us what it’s all about in a busy jumpsuit that only the boldest of us will attempt to pull off.

C) Dramatic: Try a skin-tight, one shoulder bodysuit in red and add a leather skirt, dark tights and over-the-knee boots to add your dramatic flare to this trend.

D) Natural: For you natural girls, we’re loving the idea of one shoulder chambray tops. You’ll achieve a relaxed vibe without sacrificing style. Pair with leggings and cute sneakers and a know scarf if you get chilly!

E) Romantic (featured image): A bare shoulder is inherently romantic so you’re already on your way. Try looking for a one shoulder top with a floral print (two trends at once!) and pair with a pencil skirt or skinny pants and dainty heels.

F) Creative: With your unconventional flair, find your one shoulder top and pair it with chunky jewelry like necklaces or earrings that will bring all attention to your trendy neckline.




  1. Animal Prints:

    It’s time to celebrate cause animal prints are all the rage this fall—what fun to style!

A) Classic: So animal prints may be a little out of your comfort zone but there are ways to embrace this trend without feeling like you walked right out of the safari. Try an all black look with cheetah print pumps or a zebra pattern clutch!

B) Trend-setter (featured image): We’re assigning you the mother off all animal print statements—the fur coat! Your sassy and confident style personality can carry a look like this without hesitation.

C) Dramatic: Are you seeing all the animal print blazers out there that we are this season? If anyone needs to give them a shot, its you, dramatic!

D) Natural: For naturals, we’re going to suggest you start with your favorite go-to fall outfit and then, like the classics, add animal print accessories. Try glasses with animal print frames or an animal print hair scarf to accent your messy pony!

E) Romantic: Look for a flowy mini or midi-length dress in a classic cheetah print. Pair with pointy heels and a soft makeup look.

F) Creative: Here’s another one where you can shine! Let’s mix and match again. Get creative with an animal print top and color-block skirt in a similar pallet.




  1. Velvet Fabrics:

    Velvet is classic for fall/winter because it’s both luxurious and warm! Embrace this trend from early fall right into the cold depths of winter!

A) Classic: There’s nothing like the perfect LBD in velvet—and this is perfect for our classic style ladies! Add opaque black tights and a few layered charm bracelets and you’re ready to tackle a work day and then head out for drinks!

B) Trend-setter: Try it in a pant. This is the more unexpected side of velvet, but also super IN right now! Keep patterns simple but don’t be afraid to try mixing textures by adding lace or leather for some interesting juxtaposition.

C) Dramatic: Hello plunging neckline and high slit! A solid velvet dress is the perfect vehicle to show some unexpected skin.

D) Natural (featured image): We think you’ll love a crushed velvet bomber jacket in gray, black or navy that’ll add that perfect little something to your natural vibe.

E) Romantic: Try a velvet wrap dress in a pastel shade and add white or tan tights for a soft and sweet velvet ensemble.

F) Creative: Try a two-piece velvet outfit like a pencil skirt and crop top set that’ll keep heads turning in your direction!




  1. Garden prints:

    You may not think of gardens when you think of fall but we know you think of that beautiful autumn foliage…so why not pay tribute to it in a fashion statement?! Not quite the same as florals, garden prints are usually in fall tones and feature the likes of branches and leaves.

A) Classic (featured image): You don’t have to get overwhelmed by the idea of busy prints being in style this fall. We’ve chosen the featured image just for you to show you that trendy prints can be classic too! Just look for neutral tones and keep it simple. Use dark accessories to bring your look together like big sunglasses, a wide-brim had or a belt over a dress.

B) Trend-setter: We know you’ve got a handle on prints so try a jumpsuit or matching top and bottom set in a garden print for a stand out trend-setting look!

C) Dramatic: For our dramatic style personalities, we’re going to suggest trying that see-through/peek-a-boo trend and mixing it with this one. Try some layering with a black bralette and add a mesh top with garden details in embroidery, lace or sequins.

D) Natural: You can celebrate you bohemian vibe with this trend. It’s very popular in loose fitting midi or maxi dresses that pretty much complete your outfit for you. Just add leather or suede accessories for that down-to-earth feel.

E) Romantic: You’ll probably be drawn to the floral end of garden prints—and that’s totally fine! Just try to look for fall shades like burnt oranges and shades of dark green and navy. Use accessories like leaf shaped jewelry to play up the autumn theme.

F) Creative: As always, were challenging you to push the boundaries with your look. We’re seeing this print in some wild colors like purples and bright yellows. Try a wild and playful patterned dress and then don’t shy away from complementary patterns in your bag and shoes.




  1. Neon Suits:

    This is quite a bold trend but neon suits are all the rage this fall. Be the envy of your co-workers or dress it up for a night at the high-end clubs. All eyes will be on you…guaranteed!

A) Classic: So you’re at home in a perfectly tailored suit but neon is a bit out of your comfort zone. You can make it work by looking for your suit in a bright blue or stark navy. Make sure the fit is impeccable and use your go-to sleek back hair and red lip.

B) Trend-setter: Let’s go all out in one color. For example, if you’re looking to style a sky blue suit, try to find a top in the exact same collet and then keep it consistent through your accessories like shoes and bags. A little sparkle goes a long way with a look like this so try it in a hair barret or jewelry.

C) Dramatic (featured image): Red, or yellow pop of color? And a low cut neckline while your at it. A bright suit is as dramatic as it gets—lucky you!

D) Natural: We’re assigning you the green suit because it speaks to the natural tones that are everywhere in fall. You can go even further and try to find your suit in natural looking fabrics like tweed or linen. Keep your accents simple with touches of black and nothing too shiny.

E) Romantic: Try a clean cut neon pink skirt suit with a soft floral blouse, pointy heels and some big baubley pearls. You can be the master of hard and soft while once again showing off multiple trends in one look!

F) Creative: If you look up celebrities who are rocking this trend you’ll see it at its most extreme—and that’s where you come in. You’re bold with your style choices so go ahead and try those real neons like highlighter yellow, hot pink, lime green, or fluorescent purple. Keep it under control with simple accessories or let it run wild with statement jewelry, interesting shoes, and eye-catching bags!



We’re challenging you to give these looks a try and we want to see what you come up with. Show them off on your social medal and tag us so we can give you the props you deserve!

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