East Coast vs. West Coast Summer Style

East Coast vs. West Coast Summer Style
East Coast vs. West Coast Summer Style

Wherever you land on the East vs. West debate, you can’t deny that the East and West coasts of the United States have distinctive style personalities. While both are unquestionably American, they differ in culture, geography, and season, which shape clothing preferences.


West Coast fashion tends towards relaxed silhouettes and beachy, carefree vibes:


East Coast style is more sleek, polished, and dramatic:


When it comes to individual pieces, there are differences in what women on each coast gravitate towards, as well.


West coast girls, who live in denim, lean towards more traditional washes and cuts of denim, and frequently go for brands like CURRENT/ELLIOTT. East Coast girls, who tend to lean a bit trendier and more sophisticated in their denim preferences, are more likely to choose current-season cuts and darker washes.




With tops, romantic boho details like pleats and delicate straps appeal to West Coast girls’ beachy style. East Coast girls often bring the drama with statement sleeves:



For shoes, West Coast girls, who have the luxury of cars, are more likely than their East Coast friends to choose heels. Stacked heels add a little polish to outfits without being too high-maintenance. East Coast girls, who walk everywhere, especially if they live in major cities like New York or Boston, often opt for flats in luxurious materials such as suede or leather.


Tell us: are you more of a West Coast or East Coast girl?

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