Bargain or Posh? #decisionsdecisions

Bargain or Posh? #decisionsdecisions
Bargain or Posh? #decisionsdecisions

At LUXE CATCH, we currently have two box types. And trying to figure out which one makes sense to you can become daunting.

Read on to learn about the differences between the two in greater detail.


  1. Price
    Bargain is cheaper option at $50/month and valued at up to $200.
    Posh is premium option at $250/mo and valued at up to $1000.

  2. Number of items
    The Bargain can include up to 3 items
    Posh can include up to 6. So literally about double!

  3. Types of brands
    In the Bargain you can expect store-line, fast fashion, private and up to contemporary labels. The Posh however, guarantees contemporary brands or higher. Some companies have both lower and higher end labels. For example, BCBG has BCBG MAX AZRIA & BCBG Generation. The Bargain most probably would include BCBG Generation, and Posh would include the BCBG MAX AZRIA line.

  4. Types of items
    We try to include the best of the best in both boxes. Sometimes due to the pricing, we may include smaller items in Bargain as opposed to Posh. For example: cashmere knit t-shirt vs. cashmere knit light sweater + poncho.


In the end, you have to weigh out the options and choose the box in terms of price, value & overall brand experience. If you just want new clothes each month, then try the Bargain. But if you are looking for a more premium experience with higher end brands, opt into the Posh.

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