8 Light Jackets For Confusing Weather

8 Light Jackets For Confusing Weather
8 Light Jackets For Confusing Weather

March is the month when spring begins, but try telling that to the weather. What to do when winter’s on its way out but spring hasn’t yet arrived? Try one of these versatile and stylish options and wait for sunnier days!

Army Jacket

Look rugged yet chic with a faded green army jacket. These long wearing threads can go from boho to punk with the change of a shoe.

Varsity Jacket

Put some prep in your step with a designer varsity jacket. Good thing you lettered in chic!

Bomber Jacket

We return to military outerwear with a fabulous bomber jacket. Short, sweet, and stylish, these jackets will keep you just warm enough yet oh so cool.

Denim Jacket

You can keep it classic with a shearling lining or show off your personality with some patches that pop. Denim is the fabric that goes with everything.


The 90’s are officially back and with them has come those brightly colored windbreakers you know so well. Shade your eyes and embrace the trend! Remember, all the best things were made in the 90s!

Embroidered Jacket

Inspired by souvenir embroidery American GI’s brought home from Japan, embroidered silk jackets have made a big comeback on the runway. Bring the drama to the streets with this jaw dropping jacket choice.


Speaking of Japan, a more bohemian look can be achieved with a lush and luxe kimono jacket. Velvet is just the ticket for those who want to channel their inner diva.

Leather jacket

The classic leather jacket is a staple for a reason. They go with everything, elevate any look, and keep you warm without breaking a sweat. To stand out from the crowd, try a color other than black.

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