6 Ways To Add An Edge to a Classic Style Personality

6 Ways To Add An Edge to a Classic Style Personality
6 Ways To Add An Edge to a Classic Style Personality

We can all relate to the feeling of having TOO MUCH of the same color and style within our wardrobe selections. Neutrals are great but sometimes we all just want something different, right? Read on & discover the top ways to add a bit of edge into an all around classic girl’s wardrobe.


  1. Pop of color

    You’ve got the black and white. You mix them all the time. Try something new by adding a bright splash such as red. Looks daring, yet classy at the same time.

  2. Statement piece

    Every girl should have around 3-5 glitzy accessory items to spruce up an outfit. Add a statement necklace over an otherwise laid back outfit for some fun.

  3. Prints & Textures

    Just because you like neutrals doesn’t mean you can’t add different textures or prints of these colors. Stripes are an excellent addition to a natural style personality. Some other options are small floral prints, patent leather and neutral colored leopard print.

  4. Edgy hemlines

    Special occasions do require some special attention. Details like asymmetrical hemlines in tops and bottoms make a statement without even speaking.

  5. Color-blocking

    Classic girl, the color-blocking trend is something you need and now! Dresses and tops reflecting two opposite colors like your favorites black & white are simply ravishing.

  6. Oversize your sleeves

    The last few seasons have done a complete makeover of what we thought sleeves were supposed to be. From balloon sleeves to puff sleeves and kimono sleeves; its obvious we have many choices. But if we want to just add some chic into the classic closet, a trumpet sleeve will work well.


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